Lucky 8 Ball

Usually spelling disaster for a pool player, this particular 8 ball seems to provide more of a blessing than a curse to its owner


For as long as it remains in a character’s inventory, the character is treated as though he has the Luck O’ The Irish Edge, and draws an extra Fate Chip at the beginning of each session. This cannot be used on a character who is already Lucky, however, except to cancel out the effects of a different character’s Jinx. It will also cancel out the effect of a character’s Bad Luck, neutralizing both effects.


Minnesota Slim, a Huckster of little renown, enchanted an 8 ball that cost him a $200 dollar bet against a superior Hexslinger in the hopes of preventing such a defeat in the future. Unfortunately, the ball was lost to him in a train crash, and the magic necessary to create a new one would be dangerous indeed. Hopefully, his luck pans out long enough for the ball to be returned to him in one piece.

(The ball was lost during the events of Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain. Laura Giles, sensing the object’s enchantment, seized the object, and took it with her for further study.)

Lucky 8 Ball

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