Edwin Zabel

A Confederate deserter moving from place to place in order to avoid capture.


Cognition: 2d12
Artillery: 1d12
Scrutinize: 2d12
Search: 2d12
Trackin’: 2d12

Deftness: 4d10
Filchin’: 1d10
Lockpickin’: 2d10
Shootin’ (Pistol): 4d10
Sleight of Hand: 1d10
Speed Load: 2d10

Knowledge: 2d6
Area Knowledge (Kentucky): 2d6
Area Knowledge (Kansas): 1d6
Disguise: 1d6
Medicine (General): 3d6

Mien: 1d6
Persuasion: 3d6

Nimbleness: 4d6
Climbin’: 1d6
Dodge: 1d6
Fightin’ (Brawlin’): 2d6
Horse Ridin’: 1d6
Sneak: 1d6
Swimmin’: 1d6

Quickness: 2d6
Quick Draw (Pistol): 4d6

Smarts: 1d10
Bluff: 1d10
Gamblin’: 1d10
Ridicule: 1d10
Scroungin’: 2d10
Streetwise: 1d10
Survival (Mountain): 1d10

Spirit: 2d6
Guts: 3d6

Strength: 3d8

Vigor: 2d10


Pace: 6
Size: 6
Wind: 18
Grit: 3

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Edwin Zabel joined the Confederate army at the age of 17. The gore was too much for this private to handle, so after a short year he fled from his duties. Unable to return home to Kentucky, Edwin has spent his time moving from place to place. When taking a westward-bound train from his hideout in Kansas, a catastrophic wreck launched Edwin into the adventuring party of a lifetime.

Edges: Tough as Nails; Levelheaded; Belongings; Sense o’ Direction; “The Voice”
Hindrances: Vengeful; Wanted; Pacifist

Worst Nightmare: Being discovered as a deserter and consequently being pursued, the escape from which resulting in his demise.

Edwin Zabel

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